About Office

Our office "Hosny Shady & Partner"   started work in Qatar in the late nineties under the name of the United Auditing and Accounting (former) and the office continued in the work of auditing, accounting and financial consultations by that name until the issuance of Law No. 30 of 2004, which stipulates in article (31)

 "The chartered accountant must use his personal name as an essential element in the address of his office, and if the company must include the title of one or more partners with the addition of evidence of the existence of a company"


So that  we compiled with the low and  modified to the name of the office of " Hosny Shady & Partner " certified public accountants and change the legal status of the office as a partnership company  with HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad Al-Thani, who is considered one of the most important professional Qatari person in the field of auditing and accounting. He held several professional positions including the president of the Association of Chartered Accountants of Qatar (formerly), as well as the leader positions he held in the country.