About Us

We are" Hosny Shady & Partner" certified public accountants, we do not claim perfection and perfection. No one is completely perfect perfection and there is no utopian city except in the imagination of philosophers, but we seek perfection and strive to perfection as much as possible in our field professionally through excellence in performance by adhering to professional standards, ethical standards and complete confidence.


We have started working in the State of Qatar since the beginning of the nineties of the last century with the professional experience and commitment to quality in the performance of audits in accordance with the standards of integrity, transparency and independence and are committed to professional standards and codes of professional conduct as well as increased knowledge through the knowledge of everything new in professional standards. These are our values which we have grown through practical practice and distinguished in the performance of the office in providing audit services, auditing, financial and administrative consulting and feasibility studies. We cherish the confidence of our clients and our office. The values, principles and professional standards we have committed to are the basis of understanding and trust with our clients. To strive for perfect grades and provide high quality service